Old Maps of Padstow

Historic Maps of Padstow and the local area.

My name is Louise Brown and I live in Australia. I went to England in 2007, had a wonderful time. I spent some time in Padstow because I lived in Padstow in Sydney Australia. I had heard so much about Padstow in England, especially Rick Stein's restaurants. Padstow is a beautiful place, it holds many great memories. I live on the (...Read full memory)

She was launched as a rowing lifeboat, Docea Chapman, and came to Padstow as a relief boat. She was only on station for nine moths then laid up. I am the girl Maureen. Father bought her in 1952 and converted her into a fishing boat, giving her my name. I spent many hours at sea with him hauling pots and catching mackerel. (...Read full memory)