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Canals and Waterways

Peaceful and thought-provoking scenes of life down by the water.

Down the Thames Photographic Memories

Down the Thames Photographic Memories

The photo 'Pangbourne, Whitchurch Lock c1949' appears in this book.

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Caption for Pangbourne, Whitchurch Lock C1949: The lock is only accessible by water, for it is cut off from Whitchurch by a backwater and house gardens: even the Thames Path misses the river here, only going through the churchyard. This view looks from the lock-keeper's cottage garden eastwards into the lock. The chestnut palings are now a smart well-trimmed beech hedge.

An extract from Down the Thames Photographic Memories.

Memories of Pangbourne, Whitchurch Lock c1949

The boat in the photograph was completed in 1949 by my father George Watson. We lived in Palmers Green, London N13.  I am up forward then aged 11.  I think the picture was taken in 1949 as I can remember the occasion well.  

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