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This selection of vintage photographs shows some of our finest piers in their heyday, recalling their glory days when seaside piers were at the heart of the traditional British family holiday.

Around Penarth Photographic Memories

Around Penarth Photographic Memories

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Caption for Penarth, The Pier 1896: With a beautifully attired young lady at its centre, this photograph brilliantly captures the fin de siecle elegance of the seafront. With acute business acumen, Penarth had rapidly established itself as possibly the most fashionable resort in Wales – bracketing itself with the likes of Brighton rather than with the brash vulgarity of Barry Island. Its long glorious summer seasons would only truly fade at the onset of war.

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Memories of Penarth

I remember being on the beach the day of the hovercraft coming to Penarth. I was there with a couple of my friends, I would have been nearly 16. We were really excited as we watched it approach then suddenly when it came on to the beach we started to run back as the pebbles were being tossed about from the down draught.

My husband was born in Albert Road, Penarth 1943 and used to speak of loads of old tanks left to rot away in fields. Also some sort of tunnel that was later blocked off. He left there for the Midlands when he was 7 years old and had learned to count to 10 in Welsh. He came to the Black Country and could hardly understand a word of what people said.

The land that the flats are built on, next to the church there was once a house that Joshua Morris built.

Please, could anyone help me find Cheryl Aldridge who lived in Grangetown and maybe in Llandough nurses flats, Penarth, around 1975 ? Cheryl will be around 55 years old now, and maybe married to "J.Jacobs". Thankyou for your help !

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