Penygraig, Tylacelyn Road 1963

Memories of Penygraig

I was born in Penygraig in the 40's. I remember Churchill's garage, somewhere near the labour club. Does anyone remember George St, where Milwall's shop used to be? Also a chip shop was nearby.

I was born at Llwynypia Hospital on June 10th 1947, lived at 6 Bishop Street, Penygraig, went to school at Penygraig Infants in 1950 and Hendrecafn Juniors, Tai Juniors, Craig-yr-eos Juniors and Seniors. Bishop Street is right opposite Craig-yr-eos School so I didn't have far to go, and always went home for lunch. (...Read full memory)

Evans the grocer previously mentioned was my grandfather, William Henry Evans who had a grocery shop at 50 Mikado St Penygraig. He delivered groceries all over Penygraig with the horse and cart. I can remember in the late 50's riding on the cart with him. He had several horses over the years but the one I remember was (...Read full memory)

Can anyone remember Peglers Stores or Evans the grocer - with his horse and cart?

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