Pickering, Smiddy Hill c.1955

Memories of Pickering

This picture brings back very happy memories for me, as it shows my grandparents' (Arthur and Madge Douglas) shop and cafe (Cum agen Cafe) where we spent many, many happy times.  Pickering certainly has changed since then.  On the left is the old Labour Exchange above which was a flat where Olive Watson used to live, then (...Read full memory)

Burgate is where the Castle Cinema used to be. That brings back lots of happy memories of days gone by. I went to the cinema as a child, and then worked there, on the projectors with Ron Rich. The White Horse pub was across the road from the cinema, Alan Judson had it when I worked on the projector's. R V Roger (...Read full memory)

WOW , this picture brings back HAPPY DAYS . My gran lived in EASTGATE , 116 , ADA ELLERBY a proper gran like they were in the olden days . My paper round started in EASTGATE and finished at MALTON ROAD CROSSING . 120 DROPS EACH MORNING for FRED BOAK . We got ice cream and JUSO'S from MR DOUGLAS'S shop , ice cream was (...Read full memory)

Not seen this picture for a long , long time . When I lived up POTTER HILL I used to go this way to get to the ROOKER'S . From POTTER HILL you headed towards BECON PARK , then branched off right , along a lane , think it was called COULTMAN'S CUT , that led to where this photo was taken , looking toward's the RAILWAY and (...Read full memory)

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