Pitsea, The Memorial c.1955

Memories of Pitsea

Sadly I believe, St Michael's Church  is little more now than a ruin of it's former self, nothing like it was in the 1940's when it seemed to stand proudly on the hill watching over and protecting the small village below as it had done since Norman times: even then the inscriptions on some of the (...Read full memory)

My father and auntie grew up in Pitsea at "St Ivels", Station Lane. My grandparents were John and Priscilla Gibbs and they were shopkeepers. My grandmother died in 1940 and my grandfather died the following year.... both are buried in St Michael's Church. I've heard wonderful stories about the area from my Dad (...Read full memory)

I moved to Pitsea in November 1968, and my second child was due the beginning of December. We collected our keys from the council offices in Basildon, to our brand new house in Wickford Avenue. We were so excited, after being in a rented flat with a coal fire, this new house had hot water and blow out heating! A luxury compaired (...Read full memory)

My memories of the small block of shops was the Penny Farthing cycle fixed to the wall outside the cycle shop. That shop had all you needed for your bike and more, like the elastic we needed for our catapaults. Hard to get anywhere else. Steggles where I done my paper round from aged 12 until I left school at 15. My (...Read full memory)

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