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Caption for Plaistow, The Village C1955: Located in a remote region north of Petworth, the village was originally formed in a clearing in the woods. The local wealden clay district is remarkable for large oak trees. In the iron industry era there were smelting furnaces and forges here; Sussex marble was also dug in the area. The 18th-century mansion at Shillinglee Park was burnt out in the Second World War; the shell is conserved. Life on the estate was documented by past residents, Lady Catherine and Lady Maria Turnour. Holy Trinity church is pictured, with turret, clock and spire and a Horsham stone roof. Outside the village store an enamelled metal sign advertises Bluebell Metal Polish. The Sun Inn is on the right behind bushes. The scene is now little changed, although the shop has gone.

An extract from Villages of Sussex Photographic Memories.

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