A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

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SIR DRAKE, whome well the world's ends knewe Which thou didst compasse rounde: And whome both poles of Heaven ons saw, Which North and South do bound : The starrs above will make thee known, If men here silent were: The Sunn himself cannot forgett His fellow Traveller. Great Drake, whose shippe aboute the world's wide wast In three years did a golden girdle cast. Who with fresh streames refresht this Towne that first, Though kist with waters, yet did pire for thirst. Who both a Pilott and a Magistrate Steer'd in his turne the Shippe of Plymouth's state; This little table shews his face whose worth The world's wide table hardly can sett forth.

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I was born at number 8 Castle Street, the Barbican Plymouth 1942 my mum was a daughter of the Higgins family. G G Grandad use to run his boat from the Barbican across to Jenny cliff / Cawsands / Kingsands /Bovisands and when I was older as a little boy I used to help him. My Name was then Stocker but my mum died when i was very young indeed i never knew her, Her Sister adopted as she promised ...see more

Hello....Why is there apparently no Industrial History society in Plymouth ? I would like to contact anyone who has memories of the Tecalemit company, in Belliver Industrial Estate, and particularly when they were joined by Merryweather company in 1984.

I was probably about 8 years old when this photo was taken, and I can clearly remember spending many summer days at the lido with my friends. I was talking to my granddaughter who is now 8 yrs old but living in Singapore, and so or chat was on Skype. She has always liked the water and swimming and is now learning to swim properly at school and to dive. So my conversation was about how I used to jump off the scary ...see more

When I was a child I'd go into town with my mother and to come home we'd stand on Old Town Street waiting for the 43 or 44 bus to Whitleigh, and I was mesmerised staring at the Guinness Clock as each word lit up progressively: GUINNESS - IS - GOOD - FOR - YOU. Happy times.

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