Old Maps of Pontycymer

Historic Maps of Pontycymer and the local area.

I was born in Victoria Street (no;146) my father was a "Garw" boy his name was Alan Fudge and married my mum Hilary around 1960-62, we lived in Victoria st, until around 1973. I had a really good friend who lived across the road from us and her name was Pamela Hatch, I remember as a young girl having sleep (...Read full memory)

My mother was Blanche Jones and she lived as a child in a house called 'Barcelona' on Victoria Street. My grandmother lived there until she died c.1960. My aunt Marion and uncle Dyfrig (Davies) and their son Bryan lived a few doors along. Uncle Dyfrig was the pit manager during the late 50's/early 60's. My (...Read full memory)