Old Maps of Poole

Historic Maps of Poole and the local area.

I remember as a very young child of up to 11 years old going to stay in my father's aunt's house in Mentone Road. Every summer we would go there. The early memories I have, is going on my scooter (which I was very proud of) around the roads nearby. I can recall a bakers shop nearby. My mother used to often buy (...Read full memory)

I was a boarder at Uplands School, Sandecotes Rd.,Parkstone and we often went for long distance runs around and near the harbour. We got a real surprise one cold morning, I think 1956 or early 57, when we found the harbour iced up and we were able to skate on it in our plimsolls as the gym shoes were called. I wonder if anyone else (...Read full memory)