Porlock Weir, Low Tide 1929
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The name of the small boat, 'Emily', and that of her owner, one T Ley of Porlock Weir, can be readily identified from the stern sheets. The sail, to assist in steering as much as in propulsion, is hanging loosely from the aft mast so that it can dry in the wind. The dock used to take fairly large vessels, but major cargoes have not been worked here since the 1950s.

An extract from Picturesque Harbours Photographic Memories.

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Picturesque Harbours Photographic Memories

Picturesque Harbours Photographic Memories

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My parents owned this shop in the mid 60's, I have good memories of living there. A great place to grow up, summer holidays out on the sea and exploring the countryside around Porlock Weir.
I too remember the little shop at Porlock weir the lady who often served in there was the mother of a friend and when I used to take my children in there on holiday more often than not we weren't charged especially if her own grandchildren were with us. I can say this now for the owner of the shop and the lady who served have long since departed this world. We still holiday on Exmoor just on the side of Porlock ...see more
Approx 1970 this shop used to sell the most beautiful ice cream with a big scoop of clotted cream on top. This was a lovely treat after a busy day sat on the lock gates crabbing !!