Port Isaac, The Platt c.1955

Memories of Port Isaac

After staying in Quay Cottage several times and loving every one of them I still miss going back. On one visit I asked some local friends round for a BBQ , after a quick look around this original house I showed them the upstairs. One of the old boys looked up to the ceiling and just said, "Wow, look at that", (...Read full memory)

I loved Port Isaac from the first time of seeing, which would have been early 1990's. Since then I have been several times when visiting Cornwall - not so easy when living as I do in Australia.

My memory is my first day of school. I hated it - all I wanted to do was go home, I did not want stay there. My family lived in Port Isaac all my life and generations before us. Myself and my sister were very happy in this quiet little village and my dad was a local village person and so were his parents (...Read full memory)

This is one of my biggest memories of growing up in Port Isaac: On summer days my mum Joyce May would take me and my sister Elizebath to Port Gavern beach for the day. My mum would make a packed lunch for us to eat on the beach, and a flask of tea for mum to drink and orange juice for my sister and (...Read full memory)

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