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Memories of Portland

Regarding the name of Church Ope in this photograph: it's a common misapprehension that when Portlanders say "Ope" they're dropping their aitches - not so. Ope is a proper word mening 'opening to the sea' and occurs in Church Ope, Big Ope etc.

I was born in 1950 and my first home was the flat beside the Regal cinema in Fortuneswell, Portland where my dad, Bob Mutch, was the projectionist. In 1953 we moved to Coronation Road on the Verne Common estate. I attended Brackenbury infant school, the Cliff School (juniors) and finally Portland County (...Read full memory)

When old farmer used to have fields down bottom of Pound Piece he used to make hut out of hay bundles of hay. Now they have built houses on it, and when the farmer used to have cows in the field next to Park estate road now house are built there too. And I remember the picture palace down Easton Square and the (...Read full memory)

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