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Browse our selection of vintage, retro and nostalgic black and white photographs of Portmeirion. Some may have also been hand coloured in the traditional style, bringing an old scene back to life with even more realism.

All these photographs are available to buy as a wide range of products, including Framed Prints in a variety of sizes and styles, Canvas, jigsaws, mugs, tea towels, cushion covers and make great gifts for relatives at Christmas, for birthdays and almost any other occasion.

Don't forget we also have maps for Portmeirion and Gwynedd too!

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Reference Prints: The photos below have not been shown on our website before as they have not been optimised and some may not meet the quality standards we require for use in our normal product range. However, we understand that our archive holds images which are potentially important for genealogical, local history or architectural research and so we have decided to show these photos on the website only for on-line research, or as 7" x 4" Reference Prints. More Information

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