Portsmouth, The Hard 1890
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Photo ref: 22751
Photo of Portsmouth, The Hard 1890

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Carriages standing in front of an imposing line of banks, taverns and offices epitomise bustle, trade and commerce. The timber floating loosely in the dock has been off-loaded from a boat, probably one engaged in the Baltic trades; the wood is being stored in the dock to save quay space whilst awaiting further transportation.

An extract from Picturesque Harbours Photographic Memories.

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Picturesque Harbours Photographic Memories

Picturesque Harbours Photographic Memories

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I was born in Drayton in 1943 and was at Solent Road School and the Northern Grammar School for Boys. I then went to London University and subsequently worked abroad while returning to Portsmouth regularly where I have my UK Home for holidays. Portsmouth is a lost opportunity for me and for the city. It is the most attractive geographical and historical place on the south coast and should be a thriving ...see more
Does anyone remember around 1977/78 "Dart Discount" drug store ran by Arthur and Diane Garner ? They also had a second smaller shop up towards the Gladys Avenue roundabout, on the right hand side as you travel North. Dart Discount was almost opposite Mark's and Spencer
I remember Snob in Portsmouth very well as I worked there from 1975 to 1979. Some of the best days of my life. I still have a business card of our area manager.
I worked in SNOB for 7 years full time and a couple part time . Loved it , have a few photographs, and still in contact with 3 of the girls ( well we are in our 60s now 😬 . Great memories , loved all the clothes, spent most of my wages on just clothes in those days 🎀 .My name was Jenni Hitchcock then married and became Furnell . I remember being in contact with Portsmouth staff ,to send stock too and from each of the boutiques 👍🥰