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Caption for Powick, The Roundabout C1955: Powick is best known for the Battle of Powick Bridge, the first skirmish of the Civil War in 1642. It lasted only 15 minutes or so but it left over 50 Parliamentary troopers dead, some of them drowned in the Teme. All the Royalist officers were injured too, except for their commander, the dashing Prince Rupert.

An extract from Worcester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Powick, the Roundabout c1955

This photograph shows the Red Lion pub set back from the junction of Malvern Road with Upton Road which is on the right.  The traffic island was soon to disappear as this main road section became a one way system by the early 1960s.  The pub still exists.  Seasonal hop pickers would have used the pub as extensive hop (...Read full memory)

I am currently researching my family history and my gt gt gt gt grandfather is registered as the publican keeping this pub. his name was William Kerby and his wife`s name was Mary. The year was 1841. does anyone have any further information regarding this.

My wife and I moved to Powick in the 1980s. Dating back to the late 1500s the whole row of (now four) houses were used by Cromwell as a hospital during the Civil war. It had no central heating and during our stay there we added that, changed the old drafty windows, put in a damp course including new flooring in the kitchen and (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember the Childrens Home in Lower Wick, it was demolished in 1974?

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