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Does anyone remember the record shop at 186 High Street from the 1960s/70s. I just recently bought a 1964 Ford Anglia and the owners manual has S & J A Jones, Record Shop, 186 High Street listed as the owner. I'd love to know any information about them or if there are any family members around. Cheers. Ian

I went to Vale View School at 72 Meliden Road as a boarder from 1960 to 1966 and those six years were some of the happiest times of my whole life. The headmistress Mrs Constance Gill and her two sisters Miss Edith Woodward and Miss Hilda Woodward who were both teachers were three of the most wonderful people I have ever (...Read full memory)

Happy times at Prestatyn--enjoyed 4 holidays there-staying in self catering around 1954-1958.Stayed in Victoria rd-think Conservative club nearby,, Grosvenor rd-house called Green sleaves-, a guest house/hotel with flat roof by sand hills and finally on Meliden rd,Highlights included my parents sending our things in (...Read full memory)

In 1941, my father who was a soldier in the Royal Signals, was stationed at what is now the holiday camp. To escape from London, my mother brought my brother and I to lodge in Victoria Avenue. At that time the Avenue was a cul-de-sac which ended at a field of goats. We lived at the last house on the left, (...Read full memory)

I remember being employed by Cook's for the Tower Camp back in the mid 70's. I had been on holiday there the year before. I was employed as a waiter in the main dining room. The staff in there was a rag tag bunch from all over the country. Danny had joined us from the cruise ships and liked a flutter on the horses. Don (...Read full memory)

I vividly remember the 6.5 special being filmed in what was in the 1950s and 1960s "The Lido" then became The Nova. There were competitions at the Lido in the weeks leading up to it when the winners were given tickets for the show and danced in the area where the cameras were placed so they may be (...Read full memory)

I used to frequent the stadium during the 60's I remember some of the jockeys, Lord Langford Trevor Payne, Graham Grantham, Steve Birch and many was great, I really enjoyed the buzz.

Oh, the days of endless sunshine, carefree explorations up to the hills above our beloved Ffrith! I was one of the crowd who walked the donkeys and ponies on Ffrith Beach for Mr Pulleine. We walked for MILES during those happy times, and many of the "beach gang" are still in touch now, even after all these years. I (...Read full memory)

Seeing this photo of the Swimming Pool brings back so many memories. It was where I took my Life Saving Certificate, and where we spent day after day with our friends and family. The day we moved to Prestatyn in the building behind, which I think was then called The Pavillion (not sure about that) the (...Read full memory)

Oh the Lido, life was so free, we had the basket room, swimming club nights and the Gala at the end of the summer. Cecil, Waff, they don't make people like that now. We stayed out all day, we must have looked like prunes by September. Then the Ffrith, we had a chalet every summer in response to above the go carts were owned (...Read full memory)