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Memories of Prestatyn

Does anyone remember the record shop at 186 High Street from the 1960s/70s. I just recently bought a 1964 Ford Anglia and the owners manual has S & J A Jones, Record Shop, 186 High Street listed as the owner. I'd love to know any information about them or if there are any family members around. Cheers. Ian

I can remember it as the same ,what a wonderful place when I was a child.

Staying with granny, Norton Avenue, running free all day with my brothers, the school my brother went to, now an Indian restaurant. Skelton and Dowell Butchers, St John's Methodist church, twice on a Sunday.  The building of the promenade, hating it, the loss of the sand dunes.  The high street with a farm in it, now Boots (...Read full memory)

Oh the Lido, life was so free, we had the basket room, swimming club nights and the Gala at the end of the summer. Cecil, Waff, they don't make people like that now. We stayed out all day, we must have looked like prunes by September. Then the Ffrith, we had a chalet every summer in response to above the go carts were owned (...Read full memory)

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