Preston Candover, The Church And Green c.1960

Memories of Preston Candover

Does anyone remember the Bruce family who lived at Dickers Farm during the war? ..... Marcus, Connie, Christine and Heather. Marcus Bruce, worked at Moundsmere Manor and Connie was headmistress at the local school.

I lived, with my parents and brother and sister, in the 'School House' from 1956-1963. My mother [Mrs Maud Slater] was one of the teachers and taught in the school until her retirement in 1978. The school and house were demolished in 1963/4 when a new school was built. Although for much of my life in (...Read full memory)

My great grandfather Alfred Lyne Bradby was born at Manor Farm in 1845 and in the census of 1871 was single and had a housekeeper living there by the name of Margaret Dow. His father, Anthony Bradby and wife Elizabeth were living at Moundsmere farm Has anybody any information about the farms and owners or tenants at this time, please? I hope to visit the village at the end of October 2012.

My Grandma, Ethel Hardy, lived in Gardeners Cottage and when we were young we always came for our holidays. My Mum was called Kitty and she married my Dad and went to live in Hull, but we always came every year to see Grandma and Aunty Bett and all my Uncles. It was a lovely cottage, and we used to go blackberry (...Read full memory)

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