5-Map Boxed Set


Liverpool (1840) 5-Map Boxed Set

About This Boxed Set

Map format:
A Boxed Set of 5 Folded Sheet Maps
Map title:
42 x 24 miles (Approximate)
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About Our 5-Map Boxed Sets

5-map Box Sets covering the cities of London, Liverpool and Edinburgh. Boxed set of five maps covering Edinburgh, Liverpool and London. Each comprises four 1:50,000 maps of the selected city and its surrounding area from four periods from 1805 to 1946, along with a more detailed 1:10,000 map of the city centre in the 19th century. Makes an excellent gift and offers a great saving over buying each sheet seperately.

Each map in the Box Set has been carefully scanned, digitally re-projected and enlarged to match the present-day Ordnance Survey Landranger® series. The maps are also directly comparable with the corresponding Ordnance Survey Landranger® and use the same sheet number and grid references, so enabling the past and the present to be compared with ease and accuracy.