Old Maps of Prussia Cove

Historic Maps of Prussia Cove and the local area.

Before Louis Behrens built Porthenalls during WWI, on promontory in front of Coastguard Cottages (to right of Cliff Cottage shown), musta been where the Carters the smugglers had large thatched house (shown in 1885 Valentines photo) but demolished by 1908. Sandor Vegh and Hilary Tunstall-Behrens established International Musicians Seminar at Porthenalls in 1972, Hilary is 90!

I lived in Goldsithney and used to go fishing with the Allans, Jeff and David and the son of Mr Murray a French teacher at Humphrie Davy. My cousins lived just 50 yards from the Allans and were called Tamblyn. We all sang at the Methodist Chapel if we could not escape to go fishing. I remember Eddie Break (...Read full memory)