Radstock, The Double Roundabout 2003

Memories of Radstock

I was evacuated to my Grandparent's house "Hope House" The Street Radstock during the war years - they were Mr and Mrs H.D.Plummer and lived in Hope House with their Daughter Gwendoline Edwards and her three sons Ivor, Claude and Trevor. I lived there with my Brother for about five years. At the time I was (...Read full memory)

Every morning from 1968 when my family moved to 2 Grovewood Road, I was woken by the pit wheel and watched it from my bedroom window until its closure 1973. It was in direct view straight up through the first straight of Grovewood. I was aged 5 when we moved there. I still see it so clearly, but a photo would be great (and weird).

I lived in the area in 1964, there was a lot of us Geordies and Scots went to live there. I remember going to the youth club in Radstock and then on the way home calling into the bakery for cream buns. I had a part time job in the supermarket, can't remember the name though. Used to date a girl who lived on Waterloo Rd.

I moved to Radstock in 2014 to live nearer my children. I have spent most of my life living in North Somerset so know the area well. Radstock is steeped in history being an old mining town.It has a superb museum which gives a good insight to the history of the area. My flat was built on the sidings of the Somerset and Dorset Railway which closed in 1966.

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