Old Maps of Raynes Park

Historic Maps of Raynes Park and the local area.

I was born in Phylis Avenue, Motsper Park in 1943 and went to Bushy Shool in 1948. The first thing is that it was just after the war and there were NO CARS! The steets were empty and the only person that had a car was the Canadian doctor who lived at the end of Phylis Avenue, Seaforth. Unfortunately he ran (...Read full memory)

I spent several years in the early '70's living at 198(?) Grand Drive. I think my aunt, Irene Nichols, had lived there since before WW2. She claimed to have seen a pre war cricketer break the clock at Lords. The house was like a time warp back to the war. Her ARP tin helmet was still there, as was a pre war car (...Read full memory)