Redhill, Common 1910

Memories of Redhill

My father was the minister of Redhill Baptist Church, known as the Tabernacle (extreme right of picture) until it was pulled down in the late 1950s and a new church built on Hatchlands Road. While the new church was being built we held our services in the Coleman Institute. I was born in Redhill in 1954 and we lived (...Read full memory)

How lovely to read all these memories and what a lot I had forgotten over the years! I too, was born in Thornton House (1951) in Warwick Toad, I never realised that it used to be a school. In later years it was turned into flats and I returned there to visit my Great Aunt. We lived in Alpine Road, a few doors down from (...Read full memory)

I have lived in the Redhill area since I was born in 1969 at Redhill General Hospital- which now like most of the original town has since been demolished. I lived in Colman Way and spent my school days at Wray Common First and Middle Schools before attending secondary school at St Bedes before leaving in 1985. I was (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember the old swimming baths at Redhill? I started swimming there in the 1970s when it was still a Victorian building. The steps in the pool were of stone and the changing rooms were around the poolsides with wooden doors. You could pay to have a slipper bath! There was a young lady who gave (...Read full memory)

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