Redhill, Common 1910

Memories of Redhill

I was born and raised in Redhill. It was a wonderful childhood and many great memories. I was born in 1941 at Thornton House. We lived on Ladbroke Road, and remember the fish and chip shop, Mrs Fentons Store, and Mr.Winchesters shoe repair. I attended St. Matthews School then (...Read full memory)

This picture named Redhill Hospital 1908 is in fact the porter's lodge at the main entrance. When I nursed there in the 1970s we all called it "Rose Cottage" as apart from housing the switchboard and the porter's lodge it also housed the Pathology lab and the mortuary! Rose Cottage is a fairly often used term for a mortuary in (...Read full memory)

I have lived in the Redhill area since I was born in 1969 at Redhill General Hospital- which now like most of the original town has since been demolished. I lived in Colman Way and spent my school days at Wray Common First and Middle Schools before attending secondary school at St Bedes before leaving in 1985. I was (...Read full memory)

I was born in Colesmead Road Redhill, one of seven children. I had a wonderful childhood with fantastic parents, relatives and friends and even the school teachers from Merstham Primary and Bishop Simpson C/E. I am Helen and my maiden name was Coombs, born in 1952. Dad worked at Fullers Earth and he and mum (...Read full memory)

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