Redhill, Common 1910

Memories of Redhill

I was born in Redhill General Hospital in 1963 and lived in Redhill until 1989 when I moved to Crawley and got married. I went to St Matthews School in Station Road, then Springvale finally St Bedes (for one year it was Bishop Simpsons) I visit Redhill now and then and am sad to see what a dump it has (...Read full memory)

This picture named Redhill Hospital 1908 is in fact the porter's lodge at the main entrance. When I nursed there in the 1970s we all called it "Rose Cottage" as apart from housing the switchboard and the porter's lodge it also housed the Pathology lab and the mortuary! Rose Cottage is a fairly often used term for a mortuary in (...Read full memory)

I would go swimming In this lower lake at Earlswood Common from about the age of 8 with a few friends. No adults were present or needed, we had all been taught how to take care of ourselves and help our friends. Even so, parts of the lake were about 8 feet deep in places so the rule was "stay in the shallows if you (...Read full memory)

Some of my memories as a small boy shopping in Redhill with my Mum . I remember Latties the sweetshop with big jars of sweets on shelves up to the ceiling! just along the road was the Arcade and the fishmongers where Mum bought 'fishy pieces' for our cat. Around the corner was Kennards the furniture (...Read full memory)

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