Redhill, High Street c.1955

Memories of Redhill

Like the young cool girl who remembers the Hollies at the Market Hall on a Saturday night, I too found live music there. I think me and a school mate (from Radnor House School for boys) called Hank Jell, so named after Hank Marvin, attended on its opening night. We saw Nero and the Gladiators supported by Tony (...Read full memory)

The picture is of the old East Surrey Hospital and I can remember my mother being an in patient there for many weeks around 1954--- as children we were not allowed in to the wards and I can remember waving to my Mum through a window. I did my nurse training at Redhill General-- starting as a pre nursing student in (...Read full memory)

I was born and raised in Redhill. It was a wonderful childhood and many great memories. I was born in 1941 at Thornton House. We lived on Ladbroke Road, and remember the fish and chip shop, Mrs Fentons Store, and Mr.Winchesters shoe repair. I attended St. Matthews School then (...Read full memory)

I went to Bishop SImpsons in Redhill 62-67, but left to work full time in Rhythms in Reigate in the record department with Eric Jones and a lady who's name slips my mind.(I think it was Pat?) I loved music and went on to manage my own shops for several years, but always looked back to my days in Reigate. Methodist youth (...Read full memory)

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