Old Maps of Riddlesdown

Historic Maps of Riddlesdown and the local area.

I grew in Riddlesdown from the end of 1959 (when I was 3) until 1976, my parents leaving in 1980. As kids, we had so much freedom, especially as group of 4 or 5, with me, aged 9, as the boss. I remember my new red tricycle being stolen on Riddlesdown (the Downs, as we called it), when going to the ice cream hut for a few (...Read full memory)

Mr Humphreys did indeed marry Miss Graham and he was the art teacher. Mr Mackay used to start every sentence with "ah zumm, boys and girls". I can also recall putting the RI teachers (Mr Hay) bike up on the roof of the office block once. Does anyone remember Mr Parker or Mrs Grimson?