Old Maps of Rilla Mill

Historic Maps of Rilla Mill and the local area.

I was born at Addicroft mill. The picture on the cover of the book "A Millstone Around My Neck"my mum says is exactly what it was like when we lived there. She has many memories of life there as does my sister....Olver was our name. They were very hard but happy days. Mum and Dad had the electricity put in...

Hello everbody my name is Robert Guscott I was born at Windyridge Rilla Mill on 5th February 1953, my dear old Grampy Mr HLA Truscott ran the the Garage near to Sampsons Shop with Henry Doney and a Chap was Olver can,t remember first name, I go back and visit quite often I have a older Brother Richard who lives near (...Read full memory)