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Memories of Robin Hood's Bay

I believe I am the girl sitting on the grass looking towards the sea in this photograph. My name then was Susan Groves and my dad was a fisherman. We owned a shop down the bank called The Shell Shop where dad sold many things including crabs and lobsters. He made me a boat which I used to row him out to his (...Read full memory)

When I was 5 years old my Mum and Dad sold everything and we sailed by cargo ship back to England from Montreal Quebec. We settled in Robin Hoods Bay as my grandma Phylis Timbrell owned and operated the Antique Shop along with the Koweeka Cafe. My Dad John Timbrell ran the antique shop and my Mum Audrey worked in the (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1953 in a cottage at the top of the very steep hill leading down to the village. My mother ran a B & B from this address and we kept chickens and a pony. The neighbouring farmer used to let me ride on his wagon up through the fields and I remember one (...Read full memory)

The horse and cart in the picture belonged to my husband's uncle, Harry Goodchild. He worked with Len Pennock delivering coal and other goods around Robin Hoods Bay and Fylingthorpe. The delivery business started in the late 1800's by James Goodchild who was the local agent for the British rail (...Read full memory)

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