Romford, The Railway Station 1908

Memories of Romford

Found this memory from Marlene Bennett i to lived i warren drive went to benhurst school remembered MR Tew Miss McDonald Mrs Nelson who I was terrified of used to make all sorts of excuses not to go to school ,we used to play over the park a lovely place then cornfields woods the river that we used to jump ,unfortunaly (...Read full memory)

I'm wondering if anyone remembers St. Mary's High School in Western Road. I attended the school when I was very young in 1946-9, before my family emigrated first to Canada, then to the USA. My best friends were Zena O'Shea, Rebecca Brown and Valerie Dunbar - and I can still remember clearly most things about the (...Read full memory)

I attended this school in 1952-1956. I can remember Miss Bubbers the headmistress well. She roamed the corridors with her black gown flowing about her. A very stern and not to be crossed head of school. My first teacher was Miss Parfait who seemed very young. Miss Brown was our science teacher who invited the class to have (...Read full memory)

It was 1971 and as a 7 year old I remember my dad Stanley Mason (1921-2002) taking me to "Brooklands' stadium to watch Romford FC. We always stood in the same place on the terrace. I worked as a 'Saturday boy' when I was 14 for the greengrocers LW Moore & Sons at number 38 High Street, Romford for about 2 years. I (...Read full memory)

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