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A Memory of Romsey.

I remember Mr. Beecham, a lovely teacher who took us for science - but look out if you misbehaved. I would watch fearfully as he dished out punishment. He would take you into a little side room he called his 'cupboard' and tan your behind with a big white plimsole. One day I was caught messing around and it was my turn for the big white plimsole, I was mortified. I was marched into the cupboard with the sound of the class kids giggling behind me. Mr Beecham raised the shoe and hit the bench three times. I could not believe it. He said "now behave in future, but go out rubbing your behind". What a kidder he was, but a very fond memory.

Added 24 January 2020


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This brings back memories for me too, not in Romsey but in Denbigh Road School in Luton Bedfordshire. Each master had his own form of punishment instrument to administer when so desired. Mr Trip our headmaster would require us to fetch his cane from his cupboard, it had a very frayed end and would produce multiple wields on our hands. If we were seen to flinch a further sweep of the cane was given. Mr Lawsons tool was a blackboard square with sweeping strokes applied to our backsides. Mr Fern our maths master was the worst punishment enforcer, he would jump in the air as he brought down his cane issuing a gleeful yelp as he did so. Our French master preferred a ruler brought down on the back of our hands sometimes even using the edge in order to inflict maximum pain. Those were the days!!
John Russell

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