Runcorn, Ship Canal And Bridges 1929

Memories of Runcorn

The year is a guess, but I have fond memories of playing in the sand at Ferry Hut, waiting for my dad to go by on his tug boat, when the Manchester ship canal was in its heyday. He would wave to me my sister and mum. The tugs I remember was the Bison/Quarry/Panther, they were all stern tugs used to steer the big ships that went (...Read full memory)

I remember the Rose Queen Fete well; I played cornet in the Widnes Borough Band who led the procession Circa 1961, I have a black & white photo of the head of the procession which I think was taken by a Weekly News photographer but I don't know if I can upload to this site or not, only just joined.

This is how I remember Runcorn as a young person. You could buy anything you needed from clothes to furniture, carpets, anything! The streets were wide and chokka block full of people - especially on Saturday. As a teenager, leaving school at 15 years of age in 1970, I went to work at Lunts Chemist and earned either two (...Read full memory)

The main thing I remember about the rec is that I saw my first rock band "Gingham" on stage there.

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