Runcorn, Ship Canal And Bridges 1929

Memories of Runcorn

Runcorn Hill was a wild place when I knew it back in the early 1960s. I remember even now the smell of the trees and the shade they brought on hot summer days. Yes, we had them back then, when spring came after winter and summer followed on, before autumn reminded us it was time to prepare for winter again. As (...Read full memory)

The year is a guess, but I have fond memories of playing in the sand at Ferry Hut, waiting for my dad to go by on his tug boat, when the Manchester ship canal was in its heyday. He would wave to me my sister and mum. The tugs I remember was the Bison/Quarry/Panther, they were all stern tugs used to steer the big ships that went (...Read full memory)

when I was 9yrs old my 1st memories of top locks were very frightening. We had our sports days on the fields in picow farm road which are still there today, but with the parish school being in Church street we had to walk up ashridge street and along top locks and walk across the very narrow lock gates to the other (...Read full memory)

Here is the sand we called Ferry Hut. I don't know of any hut ever being there so how it got its name is a mystery to me, maybe someone will tell me some day, but sand castles and paddling and big ocean going ships I do remember, they was enormous with a tug on the bow and a tug on the stern, a fantastic sight, and waves to jump (...Read full memory)

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