Runcorn, Transporter Bridge c.1906

Memories of Runcorn

Funny you thinking you had to go across the arch, I remember saying to my dad that I wasn't going to cross that bridge over the arch, funny things you think of when you are young.

The main thing I remember about the rec is that I saw my first rock band "Gingham" on stage there.

What a wonderful bridge it was going to be, a copy of Sydney Harbour bridge, it will take hours off the time going to Widnes, that's what they said, whoever they were. I sat on Halton Castle and watched through my Uncle Derrick's binoculars as they built it from both sides, it rose to meet in the middle, a great feet (...Read full memory)

How we looked forward to a walk to the Town Hall park to feed the ducks, there was one really old and bedraggled one called "charlie the drake"?? or so my nan said!! Once in the Town Hall grounds, we were allowed to run ahead along the roadway in the picture to reach the water fountain, stopping off and getting in line (...Read full memory)

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