Memories of Rye

I have a great-grandfather and several of his brothers who went to this grammar school in the 1830s and 1840s and they all had very nice writing with perfect copperplate. So maybe the severity on the outside was reflected in the teaching on the inside. My great-grandfather wrote with a quill pen on paper and I wonder whether (...Read full memory)

I lived in Rye till i was 11. I still class it as home even though Im 30 now and I miss the place like crazy. Maybe one day I will convince my other half to bring me home.

My ancestors are the Braziers from Rye and were coal merchants and wool staplers. We often visit the town especially around Landgate where they once lived. Many Braziers are buried in the All Saints and St Mary's Parish Church and I wonder if any Braziers still live in the town?

I have just discovered that my great great great grandparents came from Rye so could anyone tell me if a place called Fishers House still exists, and also what a farm baliff was expected to do, or what kind of job did a fly catcher do? Are any family called Wenham still living in Rye?

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