Old Maps of Sabden

Historic Maps of Sabden and the local area.

I lived in Sabden for a short time in the mid 60,s.it had a big effect on me,probably as i was in my early teens.I have always longed to go back,but some how never got around to it. I am now the wrong side of 60 with a few health problems.i suppose this could be a "bucket list" thing.i lived at 3 Thorn st and my bedroom faced Pendle Hill.A (...Read full memory)

A dear friend, Miss Reumah Cockshutt, lived with her father, mother, brother and two sisters at 10 Whins Avenue, Sabden. It was a tragic life as her brother Stephen was killed by a kick from a horse whilst serving in the army. Shortly after her little sister fell ill and died and then Reumah's beloved (...Read full memory)