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Gone Fishing

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Featuring 12 captioned photos of Gone Fishing. A4 sized calendar, opening to A3.

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Cast a line and pull one in – a selection of vintage fishing and angling images from The Francis Frith Collection.

Memories of Saltash

This photo is actually taken from the Devon side of the River Tamar, in St Budeaux, looking towards Saltash on the Cornwall side. In photos taken after the road bridge opened in 1961, you can tell which side is which, as from the Devon side the rail bridge is on the left. Before then, it depends on the angle of (...Read full memory)

The white building on the far right of the photo is the Royal Albert Bridge Inn, at Saltash Passage on the Devon side on the river. A relative was born there in 1920 when his father John Augustin R. Stoneman was the landlord. Prior to that the landlord was John Watts Stoneman, father of JARS. His other grandfather was (...Read full memory)

This photograph was obviously taken when the road bridge was nearing completion in 1961. My husband grew up nearby, and tells some gruesome stories about the plague of rats they experienced when the undergrowth was being cleared in the early days of construction. The family cat would bring home several rats each day, (...Read full memory)

I lived in a two story flat, over what was Barclays Bank. Almost opposite was the Guidhall and St Nicholas and Faith Church. We had a clear view from our lounge and upper bedroom window of the road leading to the station and local police station. Immediately behind the bank property lived Mr and Mrs Hobbs with (...Read full memory)

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