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Memories of Saltwood

My grandparents lived here. My grandmother ran the shop and my grandfather was a carpenter in Hythe. I have very happy memories of sitting behind the big glass fronted cabinet on a stool, taking the customers' money and giving them their greenshield stamps. I remember a very old fashioned grocery shop near The Bon Marche (...Read full memory)

My parents lived in one of the double houses in Grange Road from the early 1970s till the late 1980s, while my aunt lived in one of the singles in Rectory Lane from the 1960s until her death in the early 1990s. I was at the old primary school in the 1960s and we often had "gym" classes in the (...Read full memory)

My grandmother was in service in a house in Saltwood. I have been trying for years to locate it but to no avail. All I know is the address is: Whythenshaw, Saltwood, Kent. I am assuming it was a house but it may not have been. If anyone can help solve the puzzle it would be very much appreciated.

We lived at Well House in Castle Road, Saltwood for about 15 years in the 1960s & 70s....Mum, Dad, my 2 brothers and myself. Absolutely loved the place and was gutted when parents moved us all to Bournemouth. We used to love going the to farm at the end of the road and playing around the castle. My (...Read full memory)

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