Old Maps of Sampford Peverell

Historic Maps of Sampford Peverell and the local area.

Memories of Sampford Peverell

Read and share your memories of Sampford Peverell itself or of a particular photo of Sampford Peverell.

Lived in Sampford 1952 - 1977 and went to Sampford Primary School 1957-63. The school had three classes, Mr Vickery, the headmaster, taught the oldest pupils, Miss Michelmore, a middle-aged lady (in 1960) the middle class and a young teacher the youngest pupils. Can never remember her name, it was a foreign (...Read full memory)

Underdown was a magical place, a narrow island of rock left by quarrying at some time in the past. This photo is taken from the western end. At the eastern end there was a copse and the top of the island merged back into the side of a hill. The south side was a vertical cliff with trees growing along the top edge and out of (...Read full memory)