Memories of Sandilands

My late father used to rent an apartment in a large house opposite the 'pullover' where we would stay for some 2-3 weeks each summer from about 1949-1955. I remember that the lady who owned the house had a large black Labrador who used to love playing on the beach with me and he would dig very large holes in the (...Read full memory)

My husband & I will be moving to the area in July 2006 to retire from Scunthorpe after 34 years and remember our engagement party at the Grange & Links in 1971 it was a lovely evening enjoyed by all our  friends we came from Louth on a coach, we were looked after very well by all the staff, we hope to visit the Hotel again. What super times we had in this area.

Every July, the houses with tennis courts in the garden hosted a tournament (don't know who organised it). I remember turning up one year full of enthusiasm, only to be thoroughly beaten by a chap who had been playing in a tournament in Vienna the year before! Enjoyed the dance afterwards at the Grange and Links though.

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