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Bedford Photographic Memories

Bedford Photographic Memories

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Caption for Sandy, Bedford Road 1925: Sandy was originally a modest Roman settlement on the Roman road between St Albans and Godmanchester; in the 18th century the town became important for its coaching inns servicing the Great North Road. However, it is a somewhat bitty town, and the market square is a distinct disappointment. Here, a little further north up High Street, we look west along Bedford Road. The late 19th-century town hall is on the left.

An extract from Bedford Photographic Memories.

Memories of Sandy

Seen every day but nearly always missed, was the sign above the hairdressers, the one with the shade down and owned by E. Curtis, it was still possible to see the sign at the top, just below the guttering, that said it was the site where the public could go and have a bath.

I lived in Sandy between about 1963 and 1979 and have seen changes even in that short time. It was a fairly quiet village when we first came in spite of the adjacent A1. I went to St Swithuns school in St Neots Road, then Sandy County Primary School and Sandye Place (Sec Mod) school. There wasn't an awful lot to do in those (...Read full memory)

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