Old Maps of Saxilby

Historic Maps of Saxilby and the local area.

Memories of Saxilby

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Until the current concrete flood walls and steel piles that line the banks of the Fossdyke Canal were installed in the mid-1960s, this area of the village regularly flooded during the autumn and winter months. Lots of fishermen from Sheffield would arrive by train during the season to take part in (...Read full memory)

My mother and her family, the Petits, were evacuees from Guernsey during World War 2. They were housed in Coates by Stow and then Saxilby. They attended Stow School. There were 8 children, Cyril, Donald,Olive, Mavis, Monica, Audrey, John and Mary. My mother, Monica, informs me that they were involved in putting on plays (...Read full memory)