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Gone Fishing

Theme Calendar - Gone Fishing

Featuring 12 captioned photos of Gone Fishing. A4 sized calendar, opening to A3.

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Contemporary photography from John Cleare

Canals and Waterways
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Canals and Waterways

Peaceful and thought-provoking scenes of life down by the water.

Memories of Seaview

Our September holidays were spent at "Shoreside", the grand old house in the centre of the photo. Back then it was owned by Colonel and Mrs Farquhar and Colonel Summers, my nan worked for the Farquhars in Wiltshire and was given leave to use the house for her families' annual holidays. there was quite a (...Read full memory)

In the summer of 1960 I spent my Westminster Hotel School holiday working at The Pier Hotel in Seaview, Isle of Wight, mostly working in the dining room (that white windowed section protruding on the left). Funnily, I don't recall much of the working part of the summer. I don't think it was very enjoyable and, as a (...Read full memory)

I moved to Seaview in 1983 from Kent, the magical feeling Seaview had and the few minutes walk from our house to Seagrove Bay was wonderful. I worked for the Flamingo Park for a short time and then at the Seaview Hotel where I was the Receptionist. I didn't know how lucky I was as we later moved back to the mainland, (...Read full memory)

It isn't really my memory, as it was before my time. My grandfather, was the owner of the Starboard Club and my father was born on the top floor in 1963. I have no memories myself, only those that my father has told me. He grew up in Seaview until my grandfather sold the club in the early 70's and moved the family to (...Read full memory)

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