Selsey, Mill Beach c.1955

Memories of Selsey

I spent many happy holidays at West Sands. The Embassy club - I can still smell the polished floor. I remember two of the singers. One was JIm (Murphy, I think) and another one the following year called Peter. Somewhere I have the photographs of them, taken next to my sister and myself! It also had a little TV (...Read full memory)

Ellen Laura (Ibbett, Clack, Hodgson) Preston, arrived from Canada and recorded: My sister Jessie and brother Lawrence met me for lunch in London and looked up my sister's train for Selsey, Sussex, with whom I was to stay. My sister's home was a massive house facing the ocean. Her husband was under (...Read full memory)

Hi, does any one else have a photo of a railway carriage that our family used to stay in, I remember it being very close to the beach. My older siblings remember descending a ladder straight onto the beach. The railway carriage used to belong to our aunt and uncle, I went back to Selsey a few years ago, I would dearly love to see any photos of it.

Does anyone remember Mr and Mrs Chew from the supermarket at the White Horse caravan site, opposite the entrance, and fish and chips. I would like to know what happened to them/any knowledge gratefully recieved. I used to spend my holidays with them and Margaret Avery. We worked in their shop in Guildford for years (...Read full memory)

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