Severn Beach, Blue Lagoon Swimming Pool 1951

Photo ref: S269011

Memories of Severn Beach

Gosh, a blast from the past, Robin. I was at no. 10, Eris Tudor. Idyllic childhood. Weren't we lucky? Was shattered on a recent visit to find St Nicholas Church no more. Such wonderful memories, though, to pass on to our grandchildren. Eris Slater now.

I was born in Severn Beach in 1937 and lived in number 11 Ableton Lane, later to become Church Road! I remember the Stockham family very well and the Scrivens, Mrs Lukins, and all along the road, Vowles, Grimes, Tudors, etc etc. I started Pilning school in 1942, going there on the handle bar of my cousin's (...Read full memory)

i can remember going to the rustics cinema in the late 50s i think the film was 20,000 leagues under the sea great memories

I was born in Severn Beach in 1953. We lived in the Chalets at first, and then moved on. I would like to know if any of my old friends are on this site. The fairground, the boating lake, the club, the swimming pool are now sadly, all gone.

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