Memories of Shamley Green

The Hallams belonged to my family (my father's line - Charles Arthur Champneys Hodgson) for many years, until the 1950s l believe. l would dearly love to know any information about the Hodgson family who lived there, pre-second world war and 19th century. Any memories, photos or connections would be very much appreciated. My email is

My family moved here next to the garage in 1965, I would have been only a year old. We lived at Chestnut Cottage until about 1977 or 78. I remember the long hot summer of 1976 and work being done on the Malt House.  My dad sometimes worked behind the bar in the pub next door as well as the garage. I used to walk the dog, (...Read full memory)

My mother has often said to me "You don't appreciate what you've got until you lose it". She is wrong, for I will never forget the wonderful garden of my childhood and write below the memories that I will hold for all time. It all began when I was five years old and my parents first drove from where we (...Read full memory)

Beside the strawberry bed grew a large cooking apple tree that produced enormous green apples. We had a variety of both eating and cooking apple trees in the garden, the fruit from which was harvested and then stored in the autumn. We then enjoyed the fruit well into the winter months cooked or eaten in a (...Read full memory)

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