Sharpness, Vindicatrix Camp From Silo c.1955
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The National Sea Training School trained both deck and catering ratings for service with the Merchant Navy. The trainees slept in the barrack-type accommodation seen in this picture.

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Fri Jan 22nd 2021, at 8:54 pm Francis Blackwell commented: I joined the Sharpness Training school in 1965, in November, the worst time of year to start my training as the winter was drawing on, I did three month's training over the Christmas period, and I really missed home. The early morning Training (Square Bashing as it used to be called) then a long run into the nearest village ( Berkley ) and all before ...see more
Always hungry and on pay days we signed for our money, then went to another table and gave it nearly all back.It took me 2 days to get their coming from the Isle Of Man, but it was worth it, making some great shipmates R553612. Alan Mckay. now living in Ellesmere Port Cheshire
i attended the school march/april 1964 and when i arrived they were looking for a bugler. we went half way down the cliff road to a cave in the side to audition.i had never played one before but had an ear for music and eventually got the opened a few doors and made my stay at the vindi a lot better than most. i also remember with fondness my numerous visits to the mission where kate ...see more
Just wondering if anyone might read this who were on the catering course commencing May 4th 1959 and went on to serve on the P & O ship SS Strathmore. It was tough and many boys went home but I and some friends completed the course so would be nice to hear from anyone there at that time.