Old Maps of Sherburn Hill

Historic Maps of Sherburn Hill and the local area.

Memories of Sherburn Hill

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I remember Tommy Johnson who used to be our Scout Master and I spent many happy times when the troop went camping all over the country. I moved from Pittington to Sherburn Hill aged 2 in 1939 to 6 North View where I lived until I joined the RAF in 1955. Some of the friends I remember from then are my cousins Bill (...Read full memory)

Hi I am Michael Johnson, some of you may remember Tommy and Brenda Johnson who lived in Sherburn Hill for most of their lives. Tommy worked for Alfie Law who had the Post Office and Grocery shop on the 'Hill'. Tommy worked around the villages of Sherburn, Sherburn House, Pittington. Littletown and all the (...Read full memory)