Old Maps of Shipton under Wychwood

Historic Maps of Shipton under Wychwood and the local area.

Memories of Shipton under Wychwood

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My husband was a career officer in the US Air Force. In July, 1971, he was posted to RAF Upper Heyford for four years. We found a house to rent in Shipton - Gale's Green - just two doors from the Shaven Crown. Our daughter was soon to be seven years old, and she attended the school across by the village (...Read full memory)

My parents, Frank & Joan Roche, moved here from Marsh Baldon with the four of us children in 1950. We lived in the left hand half of what was then called Glebe House, (a writer lived in the other half); the gardens especially the path to the walled garden were lovely. The driveway entrance was (...Read full memory)