Old Maps of Shirley

Historic Maps of Shirley and the local area.

I lived in Shirley (Skelcher Rd) from about 1956 to 1959 and often played in Shirley Park. I remember one time on this roundabout I was set on by a group of older boys who spun me round at high speed. Luckily my grandad and our dog turned up to take me back home for tea and the yobs all ran off. I fell off those swings a good few times too! Happy days.

This image shows Longmore Garage in the foreground. My friend Terry Stokes did his apprenticeship there. I spent many hours hanging out there and helping if I could. We also used their spark plug cleaner for cleaning the spark plugs that got fouled up on our Lambretta scooters. Charlie was the head (...Read full memory)