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I was born in Croydon in 1936, and lived In West Way Shirley. My Mother, could not bear to part with us, so, we lived at home all through the war. A bomb was dropped into the garden next door, after six months it was discovered, it had not "gone off!" We were moved up the street, while the Army defuised it. We were told it (...Read full memory)

I spent many hours in the park, not just playing, but the Scout Hut was there too. It was a wooden building with gas mantle lighting and a coke stove for the winter. In the summer the windows, which had metal bolted shutters over them were opened to let natural light in. During the winter, you would arrive and it was like being in (...Read full memory)

I remember walking from Fir Tree Gardens on Shrublands Estate to Millers Pond with our jam jars and fishing nets , we also had a youth Club on the Estate I worked Saturdays in the Hairdressers in the parade of shops it was called Jan Terase, I think the pub was called The Goat, I had friends in Laurel Crescent, the Askews , mum (...Read full memory)

This is the entrance to my primary school. I was there from 1960 - 64. Most of the teachers were Welsh. Ryan Davies was very influential before he went back into TV and theatre so was Mr Evans, Mrs Davis and Miss Straker (the only English teacher!) Even the head was Welsh Mr Lewis. Alan Dighton

I lived in Clinton Road, Shirley from 1950 to 1956 when we moved to Smethwick. At the time it was a cul-de-sac and we lived at number 95 right at the end. There was a wood next to us with a wide path though it to Widney Lane. There was also an old house halfway through the wood. The wood has now gone and houses built on it but (...Read full memory)

My grandmother lived with her children at Badgers Hole, my grandfather went to war, they then moved to Fullerton Road in Addiscombe. Their name was Card, my grandmother was Minnie my Grandfather was Jesse, their children Gwendoline (my mother) Charlie, Jack, Jesse, Violet and Minnie. Does anyone remember them .?

I think this must be the Windmill by John Ruskin School on Upper Shirley Road. If I remember right there was a pub (The Sunrise?) nearby. Many an hour was spent on my old track bike in Shirley Hills and the tea shop.

Hi. I remember living at the 'Shirley Homes' for children in Shirley in 1947, I believe it was run by the old LCC (London County Council) It was a wondeful place to live, the staff looked after us as if we were their own, I lived at the 'Willow Cottage' but although the 'Home had their own school I attended an outside one, (...Read full memory)

I was born in Shirley in 1935. My parents had married a year earlier and moved to a new semi detached house (cost seven hundred and twenty-five pounds) in the new housing estate. They came from crowded row houses in London's East End so living in a new house in the suburbs with three bedrooms and a bathroom for (...Read full memory)

My father (who died recently) used to play in Shirley Hills, and Badgers Hole, which was close to his home in Shirley Way, Croydon when he was a small boy. He had 4 other brothers and a sister. He often told us of the fun they had there, with their catapults, knocking tin cans off of a tree stump, and how he got chased by a (...Read full memory)