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Memories of Shoreham-by-Sea, East Street c1960

I remember the shop sold toys and every week I would spend my pocket money on animals for my toy farm. I would spend ages deciding what to buy or whether to wait until I could afford a more expensive item like a horse and cart!

I remember the pram/toy shop on the corner, there was also a fabric shop - I think it was where Famished sandwich bar was (can't remember what it is called now..) I could buy a piece of fabric, 'a remnant for 2 shillings' and make my then 2 year old daughter a dress that evening, (...Read full memory)

I so remember the shop on the corner, Mum used to go in and look at the clothing patterns - don't remember her ever buying very many, but she would go home and make her own paper patterns from memory and hey presto, new dresses for my sister and me! It was so good then, with very few cars.

My family rented a summer holiday bungalow in Shoreham starting I think, around 1957 when I was 4 and continued until the early 1960's. My parents, three older brothers, an elderly aunt and our cat, Peter. I remember having to carry Peter over the pebbles to a garden area where he could do his business, he would (...Read full memory)

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